Welcome to all fishing and wild nature lovers.

Passion and dreams of… a paradise for an angler and then – 3 years of effort and preparation so that Lake Smolno to attract and charm anglers and in particular carp fishing enthusiasts. Our idea was to create an exclusive fishery reservoir which will keep its fully natural climate and wildlife. Today we can say that Smolno is a lake that has gained its numerous fans 😊. Carp anglers love this charming place that allows them to combine passion and at the same time associate with beautiful nature and isolation from the “privileges” of urban and its fast pace life. Five comfortable platforms with tents equipped with everything needed for anglers during a few days staying, parking, large shed, place to light a bonfire, toilet.

Motivated by Smolno’s success, we have taken a new challenge!! – MISSISIPI – over 3 km of water, a string of two lakes connected to each other: Studnica Lake and Studniczka Lake. A fascinating reservoir located in the woods. The shoreline varied by bays and slopes, clean, wild water and pristine nature are the advantages of this beautifully situated lake. A total of 10 positions on two lakes, each with the option of pitching a tent on the shore. Access by car directly to 5 positions and up to 5 more water crossing. Parking approximately 300-400 m.

Both glacial reservoirs immersed in silence, surrounded by a dense complex of forest, allow you to fully indulged yourself to fishing passion and what is more importantly, reset your mind and relax. The fish are wild and… really brave which allows them to experience great fishing emotions and both lakes are places… like from a postcard!

With fishing greetings:
Ewa & Robert Białek

Information of Smolno Lake:
1. Location:
The lake is located in the West province in the commune of Wałcz between Szwecja and Zdbice villages, at latitude 53º20’45.15 “N, longitude 16º30’33.70 ”E and at an altitude of 111.6 m above sea level. It is located in the Zdbica river basin through which it connects with Lake Zdbiczno.
2. Details of Smolno:
surface – approx. 17ha
maxi. depth -11 m
average depth – 4.9 m
bottom – hard, stony and muddy, water lilies and fallen trees in some areas; reed in the coastal belt,
acces – platforms: ‘główny’, ‘bobrowy’ by car, other platforms: ‘skarpa’, ‘dębowy’ ‘bagiennka’ by boat

Smolno Lake is a post-glacial lake with a medium developed shoreline. The lake has a kidney-shaped. Steep bank from the west – slopes covered with forest, from the south – wetland – swamp. From the north, connected by a small watercourse (so-called Isthmus of Death) with Lake Zdbiczno. Lake Smolne is a peak lake and tributaries are only small mid-forest watercourses, mostly with periodic lake feeding during heavy rainfall.

Tourist attractions:
1. Isthmus of Death:
Along the lake runs the fortification line of the Pomeranian Wall. Numerous bunkers of former fortifications of the Pomeranian Wall. In the last weeks of II World War, one of the bloodiest battles for breaking the Pomeranian Wall took place here. The “Isthmus of Death” it is about a 200-meter strip of land between the lakes Smolno and Zdbiczno. The isthmus between the lakes has become the place of the last fight for over 300 Polish and Soviet soldiers who died here in the fight to break the German position. The ruins of bunkers have survived to this day.